Dataset view

Choosing a dataset from the search result will show the dataset's information. The dataset page also provides additional features:

   • If you have sufficient privileges, there is an Edit button below dataset title which provides the following

        • edit dataset for editing metadata
        • add new supplement feature to upload a document containing additional metadata
        • administering of metadata edit rights
        • history to view changes in the metadata

In the left hand navigation you can choose to export the dataset's basic metadata in RDF format from Show in RDF format button. You can download the metadata in machinreadable format by adding an extension to the URL (.xml, json, .n3 or .ttl ) You can also advertise reuse of a dataset as well as view how the data has been reportedly reused.


Dataset administration
From the dataset view page you can choose a link to administer dataset rights if you have sufficient privileges to do so. From the administration page, you can add editors and admins (if you have admin privileges) for the dataset. Type and accept the username with enter or mouse click in the User field, choose a role from Role menu and press Add. If you don't find the user, he or she probably hasn't logged in to Etsin yet. In this case you can send an email with your own message added to it. The message is not obligatory. Note, that for spam protection you must also fill the CAPTCHA field. If the displayed words are too messy, you can reload the CAPTCHA to get a new string from its reload button.

From the top of the page, from the member list table, you can remove users from their roles in this dataset. Note that you can not remove for instance yourself.


Metadata supplements
If you have files containing additional metadata of the dataset, you can add the files as metadata supplements. An example of a useful supplement would be a detailed description of variables in your data.

Metadata supplements are shown as separate downloadable resources when viewing the dataset page in Etsin. Contents of some types of metadata supplements (e.g. plain text, PDF, and many office document formats) are also added to the search index, when a dataset may appear in search results based on the contents of its metadata supplements. You must have editor privileges to a dataset to add metadata supplements to it.

To add a metadata supplement to dataset:

   1. Open the dataset view page and click "Add" and then "Add new supplement".
   2. Send a metadata supplement from your computer by clicking "Upload a file".
   3. Give the supplement a name and optionally a description and file format.
   4. Confirm the file upload by clicking "Add" from the bottom of the page.

You can edit and remove metadata supplements from the dataset page, in section "Files", by clicking "Edit" button next to the file.


Advertise reuse
You can add information about a related item, such as an article or an application, by clicking the plus next to "Data used" in the upper left corner.