Tuuli – Tool for data management plans

Tuuli is a tool for creating data management plans (DMP).

Tuuli helps researchers write data management plans. The tool can be used for example when writing a data management plan, when applying for funding and for data management in different phases of a research project. The tool is open for all, but requires registration.

Tuuli enables structured and supported data management planning. There are a number of templates within the tool that represent the requirements of different funder organisations and institutions. Guidance is provided to help interpret and answer the questions. This guidance is provided by research funder organisations, research organisations and disciplines. The tool has been implemented using user-centered information system design practices and it is also suitable for teaching purposes. Tuuli has been created by the Finnish Tuuli project and is based on open source DMPonline code. The code is developed by the UK's Digital Curation Centre. The tool can be found at https://www.dmptuuli.fi/.

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