The National Research Data Initiative (TTA) 2011-2013

The National Research Data Initiative (TTA) ended 31.12 2013. It was initiated and funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture. It was a broad-based co-operative network for the development of research data services and promotion of open knowledge and interoperability. As a result of the initiative, a centralised research data infrastructure using research data enterprise architecture and metadata models was developed. The services produced in this initiative include the research data storage service IDA, Etsin - Research Data Finder and, eventually a  digital preservation solution together with the National Digital Library. This service entity promotes the national, European and international interoperability of research data.


The aim of the initiative was to make publicly funded  data reserves more available and usable for science, decision-making and the whole society  society. Political will, legislative amendments and international development (e.g. EU-policies) strongly support this trend and place entirely new kinds of demands on the management of data.

The work on open science, and the above mentioned services will be developed further in the Open Science and Research Initiative, which was launched by the Ministry of Education and Culture in March 2014.

TTA background documents

Government resolution on improving the accessibility and of public sector data and promoting its reuse 3 March 2011. (In Finnish)

Research Data – Guide for Policy-makers -makers (pdf) TUTA project report, submitted to Minister of Education Henna Virkkunen 19 March 2010. (In Finnish)

Data for use. A roadmap for the utilization of electronic data  (TUTA project follow-up report, a publication of Ministry of Education and Culture 4/2011). (In English)

TTA initiative  endorsement letter (in Finnish)

Collaboration and related  projects

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21 Paths to a Frictionless Finland - ICT 2015 Working Group report (in Finnish)

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