Sharing metadata

Using a metadata catalogue to share data promotes the reuse of data and researcher merit. You may save your metadata using for example the Etsin - Research Data Finder. Etsin collects Finnish research data centrally and retrieves metadata from various services, such as IDA, for use in an open browser user interface. In Etsin researchers can browse existing data, which are available for new research through various practices (see Licensing on the Data management planning checklist). Researchers can use Etsin to inform other researchers of their research data, by describing the data in accordance with the Minimum metadata model (in Finnish only).

The minimum metadata model contains ten fields common to all data, regardless of the discipline or descriptive format. In addition to the minimum metadata model, descriptions can be expanded with, for example, discipline-specific metadata and recommendations. There are also no restrictions on the ways to describe metadata: the minimum metadata model is equally applicable to the Dublin Core format structure as well as  many discipline-specific formats.

Etsin is not the storage repository for the data itself, but rather for the metadata, based on which other researchers can find and receive information on how they can get the data for their own use. As a rule, a description using the minimum metadata model is not sufficient enough during the data utilisation phase, so it is a good idea to describe the data using expanded and possibly existing discipline/theme/data type and other special metadata models.  It is possible to add data information to the service, regardless of the actual storage location of the data. The data can also be entered using a user interface, thus making the sharing and reuse of data as convenient as possible.

The goal of Etsin is to be a "one-stop shop" for researchers. The aim is to get corresponding data search services created by different organisations to work together with Kata using common interfaces. This allows the metadata found in other search services to be brought into Etsin centrally.