Evaluation of Openness in the Activities of Research Organisations and Research Funding Organisations in 2016

This evaluation of the openness of Finnish research organisations and research funding organisations was completed as part of the Open Science and Research Initiative (ATT) by the Ministry of Education and Culture. A similar evaluation was performed in 2015 and we were able to some extent use the previous results to evaluate development.

The Open Science and Research Roadmap (OSR Roadmap) was published in 2014 to support us in making progress towards openness. In the OSR Roadmap, certain objectives and actions were defined, as well as the responsibilities of different stakeholders in policy implementation. The target of this evaluation is to assess the openness of operational cultures in research organisations and research funding organisations. The key objectives, against which the assessments are made, are defined in the Open Science and Research Roadmap.

The purpose of the evaluation is to highlight best practices and areas of development while initiating discussions on open science and research at international level. The evaluation is by no means directed at the quality of work of the research organisations and research funding organisations.

Based on the evaluation research organisations were placed on a five-level hierarchy of maturity levels. One research organisation, University of Helsinki, has reached the highest level of maturity and 12 organisations are on the second-highest level. 12 organisations were placed on the third-highest level, 19 organisations on the fourth-highest level and 11 organisations on the lowest level. Compared to the evaluation made in 2015, where no organisations were on the highest maturity level and only two organisations were on the second-highest level, the indicators used in this evaluation show consistent and comprehensive progress towards openness.

In addition to research organisations the evaluation in 2016 was extended to cover research funding organisations as well. Three national research funding organisations, Academy of Finland, Kone Foundation and Tekes were compared against a sample of eight European research funding organisations: Danish National Research Foundation, FWF (Austrian Science Fund), Horizon 2020, Interreg Baltic Sea Region, NordForsk, The Research Council of Norway, The Swedish Research Council and Vinnova. None of the research funding organisations were on the highest maturity level, but Horizon 2020 and FWF were on the second highest level. Academy of Finland, The Swedish Research Council, NordForsk and The Research Council of Norway were on the third highest maturity level. Interreg Baltic Sea Region, Tekes and Danish National Research Foundation were on the fourth highest level and Kone Foundation and Vinnova on the lowest maturity level.



More information:

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Eeva Kaunismaa, OKM, eeva.kaunismaa@minedu.fi
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