Open Science Training

Taking an open approach to both the research process and research results aims for quality, reliability and impact, which can significantly increase the competitiveness of Finland's research and innovation activities and promote scientific advancements.

The Open Science and Research Initiative (ATT) promotes expertise in open science by organising open science training that is free of charge and open to all. The programme has been running since autumn 2015.

Our training is targeted at anyone who is interested in open science, such as students, researchers, and those representing libraries, information and research management, researcher schools and other educational establishments, and other personnel groups.

During the year 2017 we will organise seminars and webinars and create more training materials. Training is organised in collaboration with institutions of higher education, research institutes, and open science networks. Training sessions provide an introduction to open science practices and methods, mainly through example cases, such as speeches given by researchers and organisations' best practices.

If you're new to the principles and methods of open science, we recommend you to study materials from previous training sessions. You can also find open science materials in our training pack. Reading these materials in advance will ensure that you get the best out of your training.

We have launched an open introductory online course into the practices of open science that explains how to make the most of the existing outputs of open research. This course is suitable for anyone interested in open science. Even though most of the course is in Finnish for the time being, the "Open Access as the basic principle of science" and Research planning that enables Open Access" sections and the Open Science Knowledge Test are already available in English.

Registration: Training sessions that are currently open for registration are listed under the heading Open Science Training Programme.

Help us arrange training: You can also help us arrange training sessions as a trainer and/or by producing training materials. If you're a researcher, you can also come and talk about your own research from the perspective of open science.

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