The Open Science and Research Roadmap 2014-2017

Open science and research creates new opportunities for participating in scientific research and applying research results, increasing the global contribution and social impact of scientific activities. In wider context, open science and research improves the visibility and impact of science and research in the innovation system and society at large. Finland seeks to become a leader in this area, applying open science and research principles to accelerate Finnish scientific research and boost its impact. To foster the research system in Finland towards better competitiveness and higher quality, transparent, collaborative and inspirational research process should be widely promoted.

On Tuesday 25th November at the Open Science and Research Forum held in Helsinki, the Ministry of Education and Culture launched The Open Science and Research Roadmap 2014–2017. This roadmap is based on the work of the Open Science and Research Initiative (ATT), whose goal is to promote open science and the availability of information. Open science means the promotion of an open operating model in scientific research. The key objective is, subject to the restrictions of research ethics and the juridical environment, to publish research results, research data and the methods used, so that they can be examined and used by any interested party. Open science includes practices such as promoting open access publishing, openly publishing research materials, harnessing open-source software and open standards, and the public documentation of the research process through 'memoing'.

The vision for 2017 is: "Open research leads to surprising discoveries and creative insights. This means a situation in which research data and materials move freely throughout society; from one researcher or research team to another, between disciplines, to innovative businesses, and to decision-makers and citizens. Information flow is facilitated by clear policies and best practices, and by providing services to safeguard the availability of scientific and research results. Openness is a joint operating model. Openness has given Finnish research an international competitive edge."

The goal is for Finland to be one of the leading countries for openness in science and research by 2017, and for the opportunities afforded by open science to be extensively harnessed in Finnish society. Open science and research leads to surprising discoveries and creative insights Open science and research roadmap 2014–2017.

Dialogue in science and research will be promoted on many levels, both nationally and internationally. The roadmap will be implemented via four sub-objectives, namely: reinforcing the intrinsic nature of science and research, strengthening openness-related expertise, ensuring a stable foundation for the research process, and increasing the societal impact of research. A set of measures has been defined to achieve these sub-objectives. To realise the vision, all parties must engage in extensive cooperation to implement these measures. Using the measures in this roadmap, they will take responsibility for putting policies into practice. Successful achieving targets will be provided by monitoring the progress and impact of individual measures. Monitoring will also be promoted by increasing visibility, by analysing shared sets of basic information, with impact assessments, and through the required support functions and analyses.

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