Open Science and Research Initiative in action

The Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland has launched the Open Science and Research Initiative (ATT) for the promotion of research information availability and open science platform for the years 2014-2017. Its grounding stages, the Government Programme on open availability of publicly funded research and administrative data, 2011 and the recent Finnish Research Data Initiative by the Ministry of Education and Culture, 2011 -2013 were successively implemented. The main goal of the Open Science and Research Initiative is for Finland to become one of the leading countries in openness of science and research by the year 2017. The initiative will implement the national policy agenda in a way that fosters the Finnish research system towards better competitiveness and higher quality, transparency and innovation.

The ambition is to promote the trustworthiness of open science and research and to incorporate them in to the whole research process, thus improving visibility and impact of science in the innovation system and society at large. By supporting the culture of open science within the research community, the societal impressiveness of open science grows. In addition to opening up both the results and raw data, the ambition is to build a sustainable information infrastructure in conjunction with a variety of sophisticated tools and methods to promote long­‐term availability and accessibility of results. Practically, the aim is to provide researchers with tangible knowledge in how they as individuals can implement openness.

Open science is promoted by directing special attention on three central constituents completing each other: open scientific publications, open research data and open research methods with their corresponding storage facilities, metadata and access services. Also cutting­‐edge research environments, advanced skills and knowledge, comprehensive guidelines and other diverse support services and tools are included in the initiative.

Finland will engage in international collaboration to promote the openness of science. This means that the possibilities and outcomes of open science will be widely utilized on a national level and with growing international affairs.