The Metadata Tool for Research Data

Research datasets need good metadata. They help to identify and find relevant research data and thus increases their visibility and impact. Metadata help others to understand the use the data correctly. Metadata also contains important information about authorship, ownership and terms of use.

Researchers usually possess unique knowledge about the datasets. Therefore it is hard for anyone else to describe them properly. The Metadata Tool for Research Data is a simple, yet flexible way to create quality metadata about datasets. It will support different metadata schemas, and collaboration.

The Metadata Tool developed in the Tajua-project is a web based tool designed for researchers for adding metadata to reserach datasets before digital preservation. The Metadata Tool ensures the adding of quality metadata that fulfills the minimum requirements for data preservation. Quality metadata keeps the data findable and linkable.

Two main features of the Metadata Tool:

  • Identification service, which allows the reaseracher to sign in and manage the access rights for their saved metadata, and
  • The tool for adding metadata, through which the researcher enters the metadata with a standard format e.g. DCAT, after which the tool checks if the entered information matches the format requirements.

The metadata generated with the Metadata Tool is to be transferred to the metadata and packaging services of CSC – IT Center for Science.

Contact: Development manager Esa-Pekka Keskitalo, esa-pekka.keskitalo(a)