IDA troubleshoot guide

Applying for IDA storage and becoming an IDA user (instructions)

a) Have you got a CSC user account? If not, register in Scientist's User Interface after logging in with Haka.
b) Is your CSC account added to an IDA project or have you applied for an academic CSC project? Have you also applied for IDA storage for your project?
c) have you confirmed the project invitation in the Approvals view?
d) have you approved IDA Storage Service Terms of Use?

Connection to IDA isn't working

1. From Taito
1.1 Did you use IDA password with iinit command? (Notice: different from CSC password)
1.2 Have you executed module load command?
1.3 Have you changed the .irods/irods_environment.json parameter 'irods_zone_name' to 'irods_zone'? Instructions.
1.4 Have you read through IDA command line use in other environments and Taito instructions to IDA?

2. From SUI (
2.1 Have you read through browser user interface instructions?

3. From home organisation server or from other computer
3.1 Have you checked you organisations firewalls or operator restrictions? You can test the connection with command 'telnet 1247' from the computer from which you are reaching IDA
3.2 Are you using Cyberduck file transfer program from a Windows or Mac computer? Are you using the right program version, configuration file and settings and password? See instructions for Windows and Mac
3.3 Are you using iCommands client downloaded from iRODS page as advised at (under "iCommands CLI")?
3.4 Are you using iCommands client, which has been installed for some other iRODS based service?
3.4.1 Contact local administration. Taito instructions can be useful when solving problems.
3.4.2 icommand 'ienv' gives you a list of the parameters you client is using. Check that all parameters refer to IDA service

In addition to the checkups above, add the following information to each CSC service desk support request:

1) Your username and/or the usernames related to the problem
2) The project and the organization related to the problem
3) If this is the first attempt to use IDA
4) Information on which of the connection problem types described above is in question. Please add the outputs of your tests and the commands which printed the outputs
5) Describe in detail when you tried the connection or observed the problem
6) Always include full error message to your message
7) If you receive an error message, please include a screenshot of the error page

CSC Service Desk: servicedesk (a)