The IDA service will be renewed in spring 2018

This page provides information about the renewed IDA service, which will be available to end users in spring 2018. The estimated time for the deployment of the renewed IDA service is May-June 2018. The current IDA projects will be migrated to the new service on a project-by-project basis. This website will be updated with the most recent information on the schedule of the service renewal regarding both new and current users. In addition, the current IDA users will be contacted directly.

The core functions and purpose of the IDA service will remain unchanged. Existing projects, users and data will remain in the service. The renewal will not change current use policies or quotas. Projects and quotas will as before be applied for and managed through the CSC's customer portal. More information on the current IDA service is available at

The renewed IDA improves usability and provides support for new digital preservation services

The renewed IDA service's browser-based user interface is built on top of the open source Nextcloud. This provides an intuitive user experience for file hosting and management.

The renewed service provides new functionalities for users. The most essential change is that the procedures which ensure the stability and preservation of the data are done only after a user has marked the data to be ready for more permanent storing in the service. This makes the transfer of the data to the service more straightforward, as the procedures for data preservation are not done during the file upload. Because of this new functionality, projects in the renewed IDA will have two distinct storage areas within each project's allocated space – one for aggregation and organization of data, and one for storing data which is rendered immutable. More information regarding these two storage areas and their fuctionalities can be found at

In addition to the renewal in the IDA service, other new services supporting digital preservation will be launched in mid-2018, and the renewed IDA service has been designed from the ground up to work seamlessly with these new services.

All IDA's user interfaces will be refreshed

The renewed IDA will enable access via new web browser UI and command line. The current icommands (iRODS), Cyberduck file transfer program and SUI My Files will not be supported after the transition to the renewed service; however, comparable functionality will be provided. You can already view user instructions for the new user interfaces at

Projects will be kept informed about the changes and contacted about migration

Current IDA project PIs will be contacted about migrating existing project data to the new environment. The project migrations from the current service to the renewed service will be done during the spring 2018. As the migrations start the renewed IDA service will be opened also for new users. More information regarding the timing of the migrations and renewal will be provided to directly to current projects and on these web pages. More information about IDA project migrations at

During the migration to the renewed service, the project will not be able to access the IDA service. Information about the timing of the service break will be provided to each project.

If your project is interested in the possibility to be among the first new IDA users, or your project no longer uses the IDA service, please contact idakoordinaattori (at)

The service renewal will involve changes to some existing functionalities

During the spring of 2018, users can still describe datasets in Etsin. However, editing file specific metadata will not be supported by the renewed IDA service. When the new services for digital preservation are launched mid-2018, users will be able to edit metadata using the metadata tool. Due to these changes, users are not able to make data in the renewed IDA service downloadable as a part of published datasets during the spring of 2018, until the new services for digital preservation are launched.

Data opened in the current IDA service can be kept downloadable with the same download link after the renewal. This will be explaned in more detail to projects who have opened data before the migration to the new environment.

Changes to the read/write permissions of particular folder levels in the current IDA, made using the current icommands, will not be supported in the renewed service. After the renewal, all project members will have equal rights to manage all data stored in the project space.

More information

IDA is a service offered by the Ministry of Education and Culture to actors within the Finnish research system. The service is produced by CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd.