IDA project migrations

During the IDA service renewal in the summer of 2018 all IDA projects will be migrated to the renewed service on a project-by-project basis. The project members will be informed about their service break caused by the migration separately. The estimated time for the deployment of the renewed IDA service is June 2018.

One of two default migration options will be automatically applied to projects based on certain criteria (see below). Project members have been informed about their default option by email and instructed on how to change it, if needed.

Data and metadata migration of current IDA projects

In the renewed IDA service each project will have two storage areas: a staging area and a frozen area. One of two migration options have been proposed for each project. The project PI can change this default option.

Once the project migration is complete, the users are free to move their data from the staging area to the frozen area and vice versa.

Migration Option 1: All project data will be migrated to the Staging area

  • All project data will remain fully modifiable.
  • No file metadata will be stored nor will there be any data replication to other media.
  • This option is the default for IDA projects which have not had user-defined data download links nor user-defined file-specific metadata fields in IDA on January 31st 2018. This is the default option also for projects that have joined IDA service after January 31st 2018.

Migration Option 2: All project data will be migrated to the Frozen area

  • Project data will not remain fully modifiable; it is however possible to move frozen files back to the staging area or delete data entirely from the service.
  • Files will be given unique IDs, checksums, and their metadata is stored in the metadata repository. File-specific metadata defined in current IDA will also be migrated and stored in the metadata repository. Files will be replicated on another media. Data download links (open links and those that function through access rights management service) made before the migration will continue to function at least until the new metadata tool is available. Files will be visible also to the other coming services supporting digital preservation to be launched in mid-2018.
  • This option is the default for IDA projects which have had user-defined data download links and/or user-defined file-specific metadata fields in IDA on January 31st 2018

More information on IDA renewal

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The project PI can ask to change the default migration option at ida-migration (at)
Other IDA related questions should be directed to servicedesk (at)