Network directory installation Gnome / Linux

These instructions are no longer updated. Instead of using the network directory we recommend the Cyberduck file transfer program for Windows and Mac OS X.

You need a CSC username and IDA password as well as an IDA directory path to be able to install the network directory. The Gnome/Linux operating system path:


The network directory can be installed from the Places" menu by selecting "Connect to Server".

Choose "Service type" "Custom Location". Write in the "Location URI" filed:


You can add the directory as a bookmark into "Places" menu for future use.

By selecting "Connect", the IDA  login will appear.

Enter CSC user name and IDA password. By selecting "Connect", a window for the directory opens. 

You can disconnect the directory for instance by clicking the "eject" icon in the "Places" list.

If you added the directory as a bookmark, it can be found in the "Places" menu.


Nautilus problems in data transfer
It may be that the user's Nautilus, which manages network directories by default, does not support new enough telecommunication encryptions and is unable to login into IDA. If you necessarily anyway wish to use Nautilus, contact ida (at) .

Some versions of Nautilus may not download directories correctly from IDA to a local computer and the result is just one file instead of a directory. If you run into this problem, you can transfer files one by one or try a different version of Nautilus or for instance gnome-commander or command line interface.