Command line commands for sharing files

You can make a file stored in IDA openly downloadable. This requires setting the right metadata (see below) into the file directory and the file. After this a link to the file can be formed based on the "Identifier.series" value of the file which is an automatically generated metadata field.

Sharing a research dataset with its description

If you wish to openly share your data file with a metadata description (as a published research dataset) you can describe it in Etsin and insert the permanent identifier of the file in the description in the Access tab when adding the dataset to Etsin. If the file has been made downloadable with the commands below, the Etsin description page will include a download link to the file. The Etsin description makes the data citable and permanently linked to you and your project. It is important to refer to the metadata description page in Etsin when citing the data, so do not use the IDA identifier when citing. Etsin also offers dataset citing guidelines for users.

Command line commands for sharing a file

Example: I have a file I wish to make publicly available through a direct download link. The file path of the example file in IDA is /ida/csc/idademo/spousi/published/file.txt

1. Set the needed directory metadata (attribute name "metamodel" and value "Etsin"):

imeta set -C /ida/csc/idademo/spousi/published metamodel Etsin

2. Set the needed file metadata (atrribute name "availability" and value "direct_download"):

imeta set -d /ida/csc/idademo/spousi/published/file.txt availability direct_download

3. List file metadata to get the permanent identifier (URN):

imeta ls -d /ida/csc/idademo/spousi/published/file.txt

Right after file upload the permanent identifier may not yet be available:

attribute: Identifier.series

After the permanent identifier is generated you can see it in the value field of Identifier.series metadata attribute:

attribute: Identifier.series
value: urn:nbn:fi:csc-ida-3x201703172015017954033s

4. Form the download link by adding following url and the "Identifier.series" value together. It may take a few minutes for the link to start working.

The above lines added together form a direct download link to the file: