Command line

The IDA service will be renewed during summer 2018. Projects and users will be migrated from the old IDA to the renewed service. These user instructions apply for the current IDA service and its user interfaces. We don't recommend creating new metadata in the old IDA service, since managing metadata will be done differently in the new services supporting digital preservation launched mid-2018. More information about the IDA service renewal.

The renewed IDA will enable access via new web browser UI and command line. The current icommands (iRODS), Cyberduck file transfer program and SUI My Files will not be supported after the transition to the renewed service.

The remainder of this web page applies to the old version of IDA which will be soon replaced, for those who still need to use the old service.


Command line authentication requires a CSC user name and IDA password. Please note, that the IDA password is not the same as the CSC password. The IDA password is sent in an e-mail upon creation of the IDA profile.

The iinit command stores the user's password weakly encrypted into ".irods/.irodsA" in the user's home directory. The user must look after the security of the file in question. It is recommended to use the iexit full command, which removes the "irods/.irodsA" file, when ending the command line session. Connection between command line commands and the server is not allowed.

Command line commands
Command lines in other environments