Sharing IDA files

The IDA service will be renewed during summer 2018. Projects and users will be migrated from the old IDA to the renewed service. These user instructions apply for the current IDA service and its user interfaces. We don't recommend creating new metadata in the old IDA service, since managing metadata will be done differently in the new services supporting digital preservation launched mid-2018. More information about the IDA service renewal.

The renewed IDA will enable access via new web browser UI and command line. The current icommands (iRODS), Cyberduck file transfer program and SUI My Files will not be supported after the transition to the renewed service.

The remainder of this web page applies to the old version of IDA which will be soon replaced, for those who still need to use the old service.


Opening a file as a dataset via IDA and Etsin
Granting use rights via an application form with Etsin
Citing the dataset and linking to it


A file stored in IDA can be made accessable by describing it as a dataset and publishing it in Etsin research data finder. This makes your dataset citable and your data discoverable for others. The dataset description in Etsin can have a direct download link to the data stored in IDA, or you can share your data case-by-case by granting data access rights on application via Etsin.

For the time being only a single file can be added to Etsin's dataset description. If you dataset consist of multiple files you can compress (zip) them into a single file before uploading the file to IDA. If your data consists of multiple large (over 100 GB) files you can also upload them separately to IDA and link the dataset descriptions together in Etsin.

The recorded webinar IDA service; how to store and open your data 17.1.2017 (presentation slides) shows in practice how to share files using IDA and Etsin. More instructions below.

Opening a file as a dataset via IDA and Etsin

Before publishing the dataset you should make the file stored in IDA downloadable. This requires setting the right metadata (see below) into the file directory and the file. General instructions for managing metadata with browser: Instructions for managing file opening related metadata with command line:

Please note, that at the moment only the user who has uploaded the file or created the folder in IDA can edit its metadata with browser user interface.

  1. Set correct folder metadata in IDA
    The file needs to be stored in IDA's automatically generated "published" folder or in another folder, which has a metadata field with the name "metamodel" with a value "Etsin". You can add metadata fields in the browser user interface by clicking the Add-button. Note that the metadata name and value are case sensitive. Save before closing the window.
  2. Set correct file metadata in IDA
    Add a metadata field to the file itself with the name "availability" and value "direct_download" (see screenshot above). Again, you can add metadata fields by clicking the Add-button. By adding the metadata as in steps 1. and 2. the file is openly downloadable. Note that the metadata name and value are case sensitive. Save before closing the window.
  3. See file identifier in IDA
    A file gets an automatically generated metadata field called "Identifier.series" a few minutes after the upload is complete. Copy the value and paste it e.g. on a notepad for later.

    The changes are registered in the system within a few minutes. After that you can check that the opening of the file was successful by adding the "Identifier.series" value together with the url "". Example of a direct download link to the file: . Note that this link not permanent and may change in the future.

    Permanent citations should be made with the dataset's permanent identifier which you will receive in Etsin by following the steps below:
  4. Create dataset description in Etsin
    Next, log into Etsin – research data finder with your Haka ID and click "Add dataset". Follow the instructions to describe your data. More help available at
  5. Insert IDA file indentifier in Etsin
    Go to the "Access information" section: select "directly downloadable" and follow the link "direct download from IDA". Insert the value of "Identifier.series" metadata field of you IDA file to include a download link to your file.
  6. Complete the description and publish dataset via Etsin
    Add other information to the description and when it is ready, publish it. Your dataset will have a public description page with a link called "Access this dataset freely". Your file download starts by clicking this link.

If your dataset consists of multiple files you can describe them separately in Etsin and link them together by using the "Related dataset" part in Etsin description's "Identifier" section. More information in Etsin user instructions.

Granting use rights via an application form with Etsin

If you need more control over who the file is shared with, it is also possible to grant use rights for the file via an application form. With an access rights management service it is possible to grant the rights to file download only to specified Haka users.

  1. Set correct folder metadata in IDA and see IDA file identifier
    The file must be saved within a folder in IDA whose metadata contains a field "metamodel" that has "Etsin" as its value (such as the ready-made published folder). Notice: the file metadata should not have a field "availability" with the value "direct_download", when the file is shared only by application. See the file's metadata field called "Identifier.series" and copy its value on e.g. notepad for later.
  2. Set file availability in Etsin and insert IDA file identifier
    Go to Etsin description's "Access information" section and select that the dataset is available for use by "using access rights management service". Then choose "Manage access rights using the default service". Enter the "Identifier.series" value from the IDA file metadata in the field below ("Enter identifier for the dataset" field).
  3. Set distributor
    Go to the "Actors" section. Insert the Haka email address of the person who will be handling the applications in the Etsin description's "Distributor" field. Information regarding applications will be sent to this person's email. The inserted email has to be in the form of <Haka id>@<organization>.fi.
  4. Complete the description and publish via Etsin
    After publishing the description the distributor will receive an invitation to the access right management service. The distributor must follow the link in the email to begin using the service.

Notice that the access rights to the data can currently only be applied by persons with Haka ID.

Citing the dataset and linking to it

When citing your dataset or linking it always use the dataset description's permanent identifier (Etsin page). The permanent identifier will link to the description in Etsin. The permanent identifier created by Etsin can be found from the dataset description's "Identifier" field and it has the form:


You can also present the permanent identifier as a link, which starts working the next day after the description has been published:

It is important to refer to the dataset's description page when citing the data, so do not use the IDA identifier when citing. Etsin also offers dataset citing guidelines for users.