Managing metadata via browser

The IDA service will be renewed during spring 2018, which means that projects and users will be migrated to the renewed service. These user instructions apply for the current IDA service and its user interfaces. We don't recommend creating new metadata in the current IDA service, since managing metadata will be done differently in the new services supporting digital preservation launched mid-2018. More information about the renewal of the IDA service.

The renewed IDA will enable access via new web browser UI and command line. The current icommands (iRODS), Cyberduck file transfer program and SUI My Files will not be supported after the transition to the renewed service. User instructions for the new user interfaces will be provided on these web pages when the new environment is available.

The remainder of this web page applies to the current version of IDA which will be soon replaced, for those who still need to use the current service.


In order to edit metadata, you need to start by choosing the file or the folder. Next you need to show the action menu by clicking the right mouse button and select "Manage metadata" action.

Minimum metadata model field names are visible in the dialog by default. The icon in front of the field name shows the status of the field. For some fields you can pick the field value from a list.

You can save the changes with action "Save".

You can add metadata fields by choosing "Add". This function is needed e.g. when you want to share a file outside IDA.

The character set used in IDA is UTF-8, which means e.g. that Latin-1 Scandinavian characters (åäöÅÄÖ) cannot be saved in the metadata of the IDA files.