Connecting via browser

Go to address using browser:  or directly to the file service area: .

You can authenticate either with Haka or CSC user name and CSC password into the Scientist's User Interface When signing in to Haka, you need to choose your own home organization from the dropdown menu.


View in the Scientist's User interface
After a successful login you can find IDA in the section "My Files". You can access "My Files" from Services menu in "Data Management, or you can also access it with a direct link,

If you have been granted storage space in IDA but cannot see My files or IDA in SUI, please link your CSC and Haka identies by entering your CSC username and password after logging in with Haka at:

You can also add "My Files" icon into Scientist's User Interface's desktop. Click the right mouse button on the front page's desktop area to show a menu and select "Change Icons". A view to services opens on the left side. Drag and drop "My Files" icon on to the front page's desktop area.

A double click will open "My Files. Next click on the folder "ida".

The browser shows a directory tree on the left and files on the right. In the next image the user has navigated into his project directory.

The browser user interface has a context sensitive action menu which you can use by clicking the right mouse button.