Network directory installation Apple OS X

These instructions are no longer updated. Instead of using the network directory we recommend the Cyberduck file transfer program for Windows and Mac OS X.

You need a CSC username and IDA password as well as an IDA directory path to be able to install the network directory. The Apple OS X operating system path is:<organisation>/<project>

The network directory can be installed for instance using "Siirry" menu's action "Yhdistä palvelimeen...".

Enter IDA directory path into "Palvelinosoite" field:<organisation>/<project>

You can add the directory as a bookmark for future use by clicking the "+" button.

By clicking "Yhdistä", the IDA login screen opens.  

Enter CSC user name and IDA password. By clicking "Yhdistä", the directory opens.

You can disconnect the directory for instance by clicking "eject" icon in the "Jaetut" list.


Data transfer problems
It is recommended to prevent the creation of .DS_Store files used by the MacOSX  user interface from the network drive.  This can be done in the Terminal application with the command:

defaults write DSDontWriteNetworkStores true

OS version 10.9 (Mavericks) users may not be able to upload files or uploaded files are 0 sized. As a temporary fix, users can use browser user interface or application such as cyberduck.