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How to apply for IDA storage?
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How to apply for IDA storage?
Access to IDA research data storage service is granted based on an online application. The applications are done in the CSC's service platform, the Scientist's User Interface (SUI).

Please follow the instructions below for the three steps (user account, project, storage space). In case you have any questions regarding IDA applications, don't hesitate to contact CSC's Servicedesk (servicedesk (at) or the IDA coordinator (idakoordinaattori (at)

1. Authentication and account

In order to apply for access to IDA research storage service you need to be a CSC customer. 

  • If you already have a CSC username, you can move straight to step 2. Creating a project and adding users.
  • If you have a Haka-ID, you can register as a customer by signing in CSC's Scientist's User Interface. Please follow instructions below.
  • If you don't have a Haka-ID, you can register as a customer by filling and sending the paper application form for IDA 

Log into SUI at with your Haka-ID in order to register for a CSC account. Choose your home organization from the dropdown menu. After a succesful login, you enter the front page of SUI. Go to the Services menu and choose eService and Sign Up (

Fill the information on the sign-up form. Compulsory fields are marked with a star. After a succesful sign-up, you will receive an email confirming your registration. Then you can apply for a project in SUI for the IDA storage service.

Please note that CSC customer registrations made after June 16th 2015 are linked automatically with your Haka account. This means that you can log in to SUI either with your Haka or CSC account. Users who have become CSC customers prior to that must complete a one-time linking of their Haka account with their CSC user account in order to access the services. If after logging in with your Haka-ID you do not see your name in the upper right corner of the SUI portal, your CSC and Haka accounts are not yet linked. In that case, go to the eService menu, followed by Add Services ( On the page, fill in your CSC username and password. From now on you can log in to SUI either with your Haka or CSC account.

2. Applying for a project and adding users

IDA storage quota is applied by and granted for a project. In order to apply for IDA access, you need to have a CSC project to which the storage capacity will be added.

  • If you already have CSC project, you can move straight to step 3 IDA storage service application.
  • If you do not have a CSC project, you can apply for one in SUI. Please follow instructions below. Note that the applicant is considered as the principal investigator of the CSC project.

Sign in to SUI in order to apply for a project. Go to the Services menu and eService, followed by Resources and Applications (

Choose Project and Academic CSC Project under the Resources menu to create a project application. Fill in all necessary information on the Application tab for a project. Compulsory fields are marked with a star.

To add more users to the project, fill in their e-mail addresses in the field Project Members. The invited members receive notification via email and are asked to approve the project membership on the Approvals tab on the Resources and Applications page. The members need to register as CSC customers as instructed in step 1 and the email sent to them.

Acknowledge that you have read and accept the general terms of use below the form.

Submit the form. When the project has been created, you will receive an email confirmation, containing the project information. This may take from a few minutes up to an hour. When the project has been established you may apply for services such as IDA storage quota to it.

To add or remove users from your project, or change project description etc. later, you as the principal investigator can manage the project information in the Services menu by choosing eServices and My Projects. Select the project from the menu so you can see and change its information.

3. IDA storage service application

An application for IDA storage quota can be filled in for the project after your have received email confirmation on it.

To apply for IDA storage quota for a project, go the Services menu and eServices, followed by Resources and Applications ( Choose Storage from the Resources menu, followed by IDA Storage Service

Fill in the IDA application for your project.

Choose the project for which you are applying IDA storage quota from the dropdown menu. Access to IDA is project based, meaning that all the  members of the chosen project are able to use IDA.

Choose your home organization from the dropdown menu Storage Quota Owner. Alternatively, if you wish to use the default storage quota (2 TB) available for Academy-funded researchers, choose Academy of Finland. Only Academy projects need to fill in the field Funder Grant Number which can be checked from the Academy web page.

Fill the applied storage quota in gigabytes in the field Applied Storage Quota, by entering the number only e.g. 1000. The system informs you if the quota has been filled in correctly by marking the numbers green, incorrect entries are shown in red.

Agree to the service terms of use and submit the application. The service informs you when the application has been submitted successfully.

The application is sent to the IDA contact person at the organization you chose from the dropdown menu. You will be informed when you application has been processed and given further instructions on accessing your IDA storage space.

Additional IDA capacity
Additional IDA capacity may be applied for by projects requiring a large amount of storage capacity. The Ministry of Education and Culture selects projects to which a larger quota may be granted based on need and capabilities. Twice a year it is possible to apply for additional capacity in IDA. The basic information of the approved applications is public, therefore a public abstract must be attached to the application. Further information: ida-lisaosuus (at)

Granted additional IDA capacity June 2015

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