Finto - Finnish Thesaurus and Ontology Service

Finto is a Finnish service for the publication and utilization of vocabularies, ontologies and classifications maintained by the National Library of Finland. It provides a user interface for browsing the vocabularies and open interfaces for utilizing them in other applications.

In Finto the developers of vocabularies can publish them openly. Metadata producers and service developers can use the vocabularies and integrate them in their own systems. Finto's contents include e.g. General Finnish Ontology YSO and General Finnish Thesaurus YSA. Finto also provides several domain ontologies, domain thesauri and classifications as well as KOKO ontology cloud which links a number of Finnish domain ontologies to YSO.

The thesauri and ontologies in Finto are published as linked data and contribute to interoperability across language and institutional borders. Finto's content can be used in indexing and information retrieval through Finto's APIs. Skosmos is an open source code thesaurus and ontology browser application operating on the background of the Finto service developed in the National Library of Finland.

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