Etsin – Research data finder

Etsin is a research data finder that contains descriptive information – that is, metadata – on research datasets. Anyone may browse and use the metadata. The metadata enables users to search for datasets and evaluate the potential for reuse. The dataset information includes, for example, its subject, language, author, owner and how it is licensed for reuse.

A researcher, research group or organisation can use Etsin to publish information on their datasets and offer them for wider use. Etsin promotes interoperability of metadata at both national and international levels. Etsin only collects metadata on datasets, not the data themselves. In order to describe a dataset you need to authenticate yourself by logging in with Haka. Etsin can be used with a browser or through an open interface (API).

All metadata in Etsin are made available under Creative Commons 0 licence. The actual research data may be stored anywhere and the owner controls the access to the data. The rightsholders retain full ownership and copyright to datasets. Openness can be restricted – e.g. to protect personal information – and controlled by the owners of the dataset. For open data, Creative Commons BY 4.0 CC license is recommended.

Etsin benefits

  • Documenting your effort in data collection and sharing
  • Getting a permanent identifier for your dataset
  • Managing your data for further use
  • Gaining merit through sharing and reuse of data
  • Raising your visibility

Etsin is a service provided by the Ministry of Education and Culture to actors in the Finnish research system. The service is produced by CSC – IT Center for Science (CSC). You can send inquiries or feedback concerning Etsin via email to servicedesk (at)

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