Open data services support the transparency of research and its output. Fairdata Services are based on open source software.

Fairdata services

Good scientific practice includes taking care of the data produced in the research. The Fairdata services ensure the verifiability and repeatability of the research and secure the long-term availability of research data.


AVAA is a portal for publication of open research data that promotes open access to research data of different disciplines. The portal gives the owners of the materials an opportunity to publish scientific materials and provides them with applications supporting the use of data in AVAA portal. AVAA is meant for both opening research data and for continued use of open materials.


Tuuli is a data management planning tool for researchers that can be used, for example, in designing a research plan, in applying for funding and in data management at different stages of a research project. The tool is open for everyone, but requires signing in.


Finto is a Finnish vocabulary and ontology service maintained by the National Library, which enables the publication and browsing of glossaries. The service also provides interfaces for the use of glossaries and ontologies in other software.

Repository services of the National Library of Finland

The National Library of Finland maintains and develops publishing services for universities, research organizations and public administration.

The Language Bank of Finland

The Language Bank of Finland is a service for researchers using language materials. It has a wide range of text and speech materials, from which you can make diverse searches. The material can be examined and processed in a virtual workspace using the tools of the Language Bank or downloaded to your own computer.


Aila is a service portal of Finnish Social Science Data Archive. In Aila, you can find research data stored in the Data Archive, as well as comprehensive Finnish and English metadata. Browsing, retrieving and reading descriptions is completely free. Some of the material is also openly downloadable. The customer can make exact searches of the material and upload the material to his / her use after logging in.