Open Data Expert Panel

Transparency of data is one of the four areas of national coordination for open science. Each sub-group is responsible for its own expert panel. Participation in expert panel is by open invitation and the working language is Finnish unless otherwise stated. The expert panel meets bi-annually during Open Science Days in November and May.

Expert panel elects one or more chairpersons at regular intervals, and the group secretary is from The Federation of Learned Societies (TSV). The panel is currently chaired by Prof. Pekka Orponen (Aalto University) and Nina Järviö (TSV) is the secretary.

The Open Data expert panel has set up 6 working groups on specific themes:

  • Identifying existing research data in organisations
  • Open data learning requirements and opportunities
  • Research data linking and citation guidelines
  • Open data services for researchers
  • Drafting National strategy for open data

If you are interested in joining the work of the expert panel or any of its working groups, please send an email to

Get acquainted with the different expert panels and their working groups and join the work.