Comment on the DRAFT of National strategy and implementation plan for open access to scholarly publications

The National Strategic Group for Open Science, together with the Expert Group on Open Access to Research Publications, has produced a draft of an implementation plan to the National Strategy for Open Access to Scholarly Publications. This draft is based on an earlier draft of this strategy, which was open for comments in February 2019.
Strategic objectives and principles have been updated, based on the previous comments and feedback received in February 2019. Now we ask for comments on the current draft of this strategy and its implementation plan from all Finnish research organisations, funders and other members of Finnish research community. Comments should be sent by 7 June 2019, 4 pm.
Comments are particularly welcome from researchers at different career stages, research directors, and open access experts of organisations. Open access to research publications has a strong impact on the work of researchers, and it is therefore important to consult the researchers at the draft stage on the objectives and measures to promote open access to research publications. Open access to research publications:
  • promotes the quality of research and increases its capacity to renew
  • supports equality between researchers
  • enables access to research-based information in society and thus contributes to the social impact of research
This strategy is part of a broader national strategic framework for open science and scholarship. This plan includes a strategy for open access to research data and a strategy for open learning, as well as a strategy for open research culture and incentives. The last three strategies will be drawn up in 2020-21. The current draft of the National strategy for Open Access to Scholarly Publications contains references to three other strategies, although they are still to be developed. Strategies for the different areas of open science and scholarship thus engage in a dialogue and are part of a broader and coherent whole that promotes open access to science, scholarship and research.
The strategic principles and objectives of open access to scholarly publications and the actions promoting them have been created to guide activities of the whole research community, both organisations and individuals. In Finland, open science and scholarship is coordinated by the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies. One important task of coordination is to integrate international developments in the transparency of research into the national research environment.
Guidelines for commenting
Comments are requested by 7th of June, 2019, 4 PM.

Draft of National strategy and implementation plan for open access to scholarly publications 

Comment a draft of National strategy and implementation plan for open access to scholarly publications

The draft is available in Finnish and English. Commenting is possible in Finnish, Swedish, or English.
In the spirit of open science and scholarship, all comments received with the name of the commenter are collected and distributed on a public platform. Anonymous comments are not considered in further analysis. Commenting is open to organisations and individuals.
We ask for comments on:
1. The scope of the strategy
2. The principles of the strategy
2. The objectives of the strategy
3. General comments on the strategy
For more information:
Henriikka Mustajoki, Head of Development, (09) 228 69 247 or