Preservation of data

There are local, national and international operating models and solutions for the preservation of data.

The primary types of solutions are

  • data preservation during research
  • data preservation after research

Other factors affecting the selection of operating method and service include:

  • location of the data
  • service interfaces and service adaptability
  • common use of the data and data sharing
  • service availability and service interruptions
  • data security, particularly for sensitive and confidential data
  • preservation duration
  • service profile
  • service fees (if any)
  • other terms of use set by the service provider (e.g. licensing terms)

Local, national and international solutions are presented in Storage solutions.

The following table shows the services under review, taking the above-mentioned criteria into consideration. The table does not refer directly to any individual service being offered - it is based on the comprehensive (relative) evaluation of service classes.

The table shows that the more dynamic and, in turn, most suitable services for data preservation during research are local solutions, whereas national solutions are better suited for use in long-term preservation after research. Fee-based services were not addressed here.

Remember to read the service user manual and terms of use before beginning use of the service.