Contents of Data Management Plans

A data management plan can ensure  the sensible re-use of research data. . The planning of data collection, use, storage and reuse also clarifies the work of the researcher and research group. A data management plan is also  a prerequisite for funding.

In order to facilitate data management, a data management plan should be drafted in the beginning of a research project. This plan is defined and updated as the project progresses. The questions that need to be answered in the plan are well stated in, for example, Finnish Social Sciences Data Archive (FSD) Data Management Planning website:

  • "What kind of data will be collected?
  • How will the data be collected?
  • Who holds the copyright and intellectual property rights of the data?
  • What kind of ownership issues are involved?
  • How will the research participants be informed?
  • Which software will be used in storing and processing the data?
  • How will the (technical) quality of the data be assured?
  • What data formats and storage media will be used?
  • What kind of rights will be granted to different user groups for reading and managing data files?
  • What kind of data and file backup procedures are used?
  • How will the data processing be documented?
  • How will the metadata on the data collection and dataset content be stored?
  • How will confidentiality be ensured?
  • How will data protection be carried out?
  • What will happen to the data after the original research is completed?" (FSD 2013)

Tuuli – Tool for data management plans

Tuuli is a tool for creating data management plans (DMP). Tuuli helps researchers write data management plans. The tool can be used for example when writing a data management plan, when applying for funding from the Academy of Finland and for data management in different phases of a research project.