AVAA Terms of use

Updated: 24.11.2015

What is AVAA?

AVAA is an open research data publishing platform. Additional information is provided in the service description.

AVAA is a service offered by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland. The service is provided by CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd. The service is free to charge to users.

By using AVAA, you accept these terms and conditions. The Ministry of Education and Culture reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions. Any significant amendments are announced in user bulletins.

Registration and authentication

The data published in AVAA is openly accessible without registeration or authentication. Certain datasets require Haka authentication for access. The service clearly indicates which datasets require authentication and whether access is limited due to licenses. Haka is an identity federation service for Finnish higher education institutions based on a trust network.

Publishing data and applications on the portal requires Haka authentication and rights granted by the service provider. In order to publish data and/or applications the data owner must first contact the service provider. The provider will grant rights to the user after checking that data and/or application is suitable for publishing.

User responsibilities

Users are responsible for their use of the service and neither the Ministry of Education and Culture nor CSC shall be held liable for any damage incurred from their use.

The user is responsible for

  • verifying that he or she has the right to publish the data and applications he or she has uploaded into the service
  • defining the access policies and licences related to the data and informing the service provider of these
  • notifying CSC immediately if their own system or IDs have been used without permission or inappropriately or in the event of any other security problems.

Rights of the service provider (CSC)

CSC  has the right

  • to monitor the AVAA service environment for security vulnerabilities and deviations as well as perform security checks without advance warning,
  • to immediately shut down the system or disconnect it from the network if CSC notices that the system is jeopardising or harming its environment.

The Ministry of Education and Culture and CSC have the right

  • to handle data stored in AVAA for the purposes of service provision, including automated monitoring, monitoring service capacity and load, detecting security vulnerabilities, detecting and pre-enting security breaches, making, copying or transferring backup copies, as well as error tracking.

The privacy policy of AVAA


Users can contact the service provider Service Desk if they wish to check their data:

CSC Service Desk
Weekdays: 8.30–16.00
+358 9 457 2821

Information security and ID misuse notifications should be sent to security@csc.fi, tel. +358 9 457 2253.