AVAA - Open research data publishing platform

AVAA is an open data publishing platform for research data. It furthers the availability of research data in different disciplines. The publishing platform offers data owners the possibility to publish their data and related applications on the AVAA portal. It serves both the producers and users of open data.

The applications published in AVAA enable the use of open data, such as downloading and analysis by means of different visualizations. Using the currently available applications the user can e.g., study the spreading of pollution clouds on a map and download the dataset for further study. Through the portal one may also access open map data through an API.

Anyone can access and use the data on the portal. The producers of research data, e.g. research groups, may offer their data for publication by contacting servicedesk @ csc.fi. The data or applications may also be located on local servers at the research organization.

AVAA supports FAIR research data by:

  • supporting creation and dissemination of good quality metadata (F)
  • offering functionality for handling use permission requests (A)
  • supporting open data publishing (A)
  • providing open APIs (A)
  • interoperability by using and offering documented, standard-based data and metadata (I)
  • offering metadata as open data with no restrictions (R)
  • supporting open licensing (R)

Read more about the FAIR principles.

AVAA is a service offered to actors in the Finnish research system by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland. The service is produced by CSC – IT Center for Science (CSC).


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