ATTX – Tools for putting linked data to work

The goal of the ATTX project is to make it easier to put identifiers and links in research related data to good use. Project is developing components for creating your own data platform/data broker with features for linking, enriching and re-distributing published datasets and other open data as scalable and robust data services.  

Three main areas of focus are easy deployment and management of the platform using container and cloud technologies, flexibility and adaptability of models for both incoming and distributed data thanks to combination of graph and document based technologies, and complete, fine-grained and actionable provenance information for every piece of data flowing through the platform.

Main features

  • Create and utilize links between your data other open data
  • Create and utilize linked research data
  • Data services based on raw data
  • Persistent identifiers to use with data broker service
  • Platform for data services
  • Tools for putting data to work


More information

ATTX project