Add a user to an existing IDA storage space

Note: if new users are invited to projects using the old IDA service during the summer 2018, the invited user is not automatically added to the old IDA service. After the project PI has invited the user and the invited user has accepted the IDA terms of use, the invited user needs to contact servicedesk (a), so that the user can be manually added to the old IDA service.

The project's Principal Investigator can add users to the IDA storage space in the Scientist's User Interface in the My Projects view. The users are added by filling in their e-mail addresses, after which an e-mail will be sent to the user with a request to accept the membership.

In case you have any questions about adding users in IDA, please contact the Service Desk (servicedesk (at), 09 457 2821).

Choose the project from My Projects view.

Choose Edit Project on the right hand side on the bottom of the page.

Add a user by filling in the user's e-mail address in the field View Members. Please note that the e-mail addresses used for the CSC username and the added user, need to match. Users with Haka-IDs should choose to use the short version (at)

The user will receive an invitation to the project via a-mail.

The invited user need to confirm the project invitation in the Approvals view.

The invited user approves the Terms of use in the Approvals view. In case the Confirm-button is not visible, please refresh the page. The Terms of Use are accessed by clicking on IDA Storage Service Terms of Use.

Subsequent to approval of Terms of Use and membership, a notification of Approval confirmed appears on the screen (see below). The user will receive an e-mail confirmation once the user has been added to the IDA space.