Open Science and Research Initiative

The Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland promotes research information availability and open science through the Open Science and Research Initiative (ATT), which is set out for the years 2014-2017. The objective is for Finland to become one of the leading countries in openness of science and research by the year 2017 and to ensure that the possibilities of open science will be widely utilized in our society. In addition to this, the ambition is to promote the trustworthiness of science and research, support the culture of open science in the way of acting within the research community, and to increase the societal and social impressiveness of research and science.

The Open Science and Research Initiative is based on a broad-based cooperation between ministries, universities, research institutions and research funders such as the Academy of Finland and TEKES - the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation, Finnish Social Data Archive (FSD), National Library of Finland, Federation of Finnish Learned Societies, FinnOA-the Finnish Open Acsess Working Group, CSC - IT Center for Science Ltd. As an example of higher education institutions, the University of Helsinki plays a key role in Open Acess in Finland. In the government's decision-in-principal on the state's renewal of research institutions and research funding, it was decided on engaging in a deeper cooperation between universities and research institutions lasting for several years.

Open science has internationally become a significant way of promoting science and increasing its societal impact. Through open science, research results are quickly available to other researchers. This saves resources, improves the quality of research and enables advanced research related questions to be raised. Open science and research excites citizens, companies and decision-makers, and embraces new ideas and generates valuable understanding. Open science increases the opportunities to participate in scientific research. This calls for an extensive accessibility to open publications, open research data, open research methods and tools, as well as increasing skills, knowledge and support.

The Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland is responsible for the overall coordination of this cross-governmental process. The strategy group and expert group are responsible for the executions within this initiative. The chairman of the strategy group is Riitta Maijala, Executive Director for Thematic Research Funding at the Academy of Finland.


Open Science and Research 2009-2017 poster ยป