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Science Europe: Shaping Open Access and Creating Transparency

Science Europe is committed to playing a role in accomplishing the transition to Open Access in an efficient and sustainable way. Science Europe recommends that scientific institutions disclose payments of Open Access publication fees by participating in the ‘Open APC Initiative'. This will help create a more transparent cost structure in the Open Access. Science Europe is an association of European Research Funding Organisations and Research Performing Organisations.

In order to ensure the cost-effective use of public funds, scientific institutions need to take into account both the costs of accessing digital content (for example licensing), and the expenditures for scientific publishing (for example APCs). If institutions make their payments for Open Access publishing publicly available, the financial flows from the institutions to different publishing houses can be compared. Over time the development of the costs can be observed and analysed, which will improve transparency of the financial flows, contribute to increased comparability, and promote competition in the future Open Access publication market.

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