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Finland reaches agreements with Sage and Taylor&Francis: Elsevier on one year extension

FinELib has reached agreements with Taylor & Francis for years 2017-2018, and with Sage for 2017-2019. These agreements will enhance the possibilities of Finnish researchers to publish open access in T&F and Sage journals. The agreement with Taylor & Francis grants a 60% discount for hybrid journal APC's and Sage includes a 87,5% discount.

FinELib has made one year agreements for 2017 with Wiley, American Chemical Society, and Elsevier. To our disappointment a common understanding on open access was not reached during this year, and these single year agreements were necessary to gain more time for the negotiations. The target of the negotiations will remain the same as before: increased open access and affordable pricing.

"During the negotiations this autumn, it became clear that regardless of the will of the international research community, Elsevier is reluctant to develop open publishing business models, and instead wants to maintain the old subscription model. The publisher still sees open publishing as a marginal operating model, and not as the future of scientific publishing. It is a delaying tactic from the publisher to charge high additional fees for open articles when higher education and research institutes already pay constantly increasing subscription fees. Now we demand that Elsevier over the next year shows the ability to change and take a new direction towards open access which research community needs and expects." says Keijo Hämäläinen, Vice-Rector of the University of Helsinki and chairman of the negotiations.

Finland's scientific community has given its support to FinELib's negotiation goals. Released in late November, the site has received 2700 signatures from the scientific research community. The signatories abstain from refereeing and editorial duties for the journals of the publishers involved in FinELib's negotiations until FinELib can reach the negotiation goals.

"Open publishing and the price of scientific knowledge are themes that are emphasised in similar negotiations all over the world, for example in the current negotiations in Germany" says Kristiina Hormia-Poutanen, a member of the negotiation group and Director of Library Network Services at the National Library of Finland. "Perseverance and a united front are the only way that the scientific community may affect large commercial publishers and effect a permanent change in the models of scientific publishing."

One year extension to the agreement makes it possible to find an open access model that genuinely promotes open access publishing without increasing the cost of publishing. If no agreement on open access is reached during 2017, the Finnish scientific community might at the end of year 2017 lose access to many important scientific journals.

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