Open Science Coordination in Finland

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1/2020: Declaration for Open Science and Research (Finland) 2020-2025

The declaration for open science and research in Finland includes a vison and mission and four strategic goals.

About us

All members of the research community come together through coordination to ensure that Finland develops a research environment where Open Science aims can be reached and monitored. 

Focus points for Open Science Coordination 

Open science is viewed as an interaction between four different areas: Open Data, Open Access, Open Education and Cultur of Open Scholarship. For each of these, the coordination will form stratetegic goals and a long term visions.


In Finland Open Science activities are coordinated by The Federation of Finnish Learned Socities. The coordination is based on a strong collaboration between all members of the research community: researchers and research support in universities and research institutes, libraries, funders, learned societies, scientific publishing, academies and the Ministry of education and culture. 

A panel of experts for each of the four areas of open science (data, access, learning and community) convenes bi-annually to identify essential tasks to advance open science and form working groups to resolve issues and challenges. Membership in expert panels and working groups is open to anyone within the Finnish research community. 

An Open Science National Strategic Group convenes over national guidelines and policies for open science. The Strategic Groups is formed by members representing research organisations, libraries, and funders. The Strategic group collaborates closely with the Ministry of Education and Culture, but works independelty. Thus Open Science activities are coordinated and managed by the research community for the benefit of research and the society. 

How to get involved

Most expert panels and working groups are keen for new members at all times. Please contact the coordinators for more information: