IDA Service description

Updated 9.1.2017

IDA is a research data storage service offered free of charge to its users. It provides secure storage for data and related metadata. The service is offered to Finnish universities and polytechnics and researchers funded by the Academy of Finland. The users of the service can have one or more projects to which they can add other users. A project can have users from several organisations.

The service is intended for stable research datasets, both raw data and processed datasets. It is not recommended to use IDA for datasets which are actively processed or often moved between the service and another environment. The service is not intended for data containing sensitive personal data. The data stored in the service is stored in Finland and the data security of the service is produced according to the standards set by the service provider.

The data is stored securely and unchangeable in IDA. Data stored in IDA is checked for viruses and integrity upon receipt. Data is automatically copied, its integrity is controlled and it is made easily accessible. IDA enables adding descriptive data, which facilitates research data management. The files receive persistent identifiers, enabling citing and re-use of the data. The user rights of the data can be defined separately and the owners of the data decide on the openness and usage policies for their own data.

IDA is based on the iRODS open source data management software. IDA can be reached via several user interfaces: browser, command line and file transfer program. Authenticating is possible with either Haka or CSC accounts. The browser user interface includes all basic functionalities needed to add, delete and search for files and directories and related metadata. The browser user interface is found in CSC's service portal (, from where IDA storage space is also applied for and managed. The command line tool offers the most diverse functions for managing data, metadata and user rights and is accessible via CSC's computing servers. The command line tool can also be integrated into customer's own systems. The file transfer program provides a user-friendly graphical user interface. It offers diverse functionalities for data management and enables multiple file transfers at a time.

IDA is a service offered by the Ministry of Education and Culture to actors within the Finnish research system. The service is produced by CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd.

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