IDA – Research data storage

IDA enables safe storage of research datasets and related metadata. The service is offered to Finnish universities and polytechnics as well as projects and researchers funded by the Academy of Finland. IDA is provided by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The service is produced by CSC – IT Center for Science (CSC).

The service is intended for stable research data, both raw data and processed datasets. IDA guarantees several petabytes of storage capacity. Owners of the data decide on the openness and usage policies of their own data. The service is not intended for data containing sensitive personal data. It is not recommended to use IDA for datasets which are still actively processed. Data stored in IDA is checked for viruses and integrity upon receipt. Data is automatically copied and the integrity of both the original files and copies is monitored.

IDA can be reached via several user interfaces: browser, command line and file transfer program. The browser user interface is found in CSC's service portal (, from where IDA storage space is also applied for and managed. Authenticating is possible with either Haka or CSC accounts. The data stored in the service must be connected to a research project. Users may belong to one or more projects. Access to the data may be granted within the research project, for a wider group of users or data can be openly shared. The person responsible for the project applies for IDA storage space and acts as a contact person towards the service provider.

It is recommended that descriptive data is stored in IDA together with the actual research data, in order to facilitate research data management. Based on the settings by the user, the descriptions of datasets may be shown in Etsin research data finder. This enables anyone to be informed of the existence of the dataset and enables downloading the data.

The benefits of IDA:

  1. IDA is a continuous service for safe research data storage, offered free of charge to universities, polytechnics and researchers working on funding from the Academy of Finland
  2. Research funders such as the Academy of Finland recommend and instruct the use of IDA in projects
  3. Collaborative projects may utilise a shared storage space not tied to a single organisation
  4. IDA enables storage of large volumes of data which may exceed quotas at local servers
  5. Persistent identifiers make it possible to link to data in IDA from e.g. related publications
  6. Data stored in IDA may be evaluated for digital preservation as the PAS system is launched


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