Open Science and Research Initiative in action

The Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland has launched the Open Science and Research Initiative (ATT) for the promotion of research information availability and open science platform for the years 2014-2017.

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Science Landscape in Finland

Being one of the European and world innovation leaders, Finland invests in knowledge-based competence and aims to increase the overall standard of education. In 2012, R&D expenditure represented 3.6 % of the gross domestic product (GPD), a total sum of approximately seven billion euros and that of public research funding was around 1%. The Government Programme stresses the role of research as the foundation of knowledge and know-how, which promotes sustainable economic growth and immaterial as well as material welfare. To foster the research system in Finland towards better competitiveness and higher quality, Finland's strategy and roadmap for research infrastructures 2014–2020 was developed. The Finnish policy and actions in enhancing open science and research and a panoramic view on the national science and innovation develpoment was presented by Riitta Maijala, 
Director of Science Policy from the Ministry of Education and Culture at the annual Knowledge Exchange Strategy Forum held in Långvik, Finland in June 2014.

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Open Science and Research Roadmap 2014-2017

On 25th November 2014, the Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland released The Open Science and Research Roadmap 2014–2017. Finland' vision for 2017 is: "Open research leads to surprising discoveries and creative insights. This means a situation in which research data and materials move freely throughout society; from one researcher or research team to another, between disciplines, to innovative businesses, and to decision-makers and citizens. Information flow is facilitated by clear policies and best practices, and by providing services to safeguard the availability of scientific and research results. Openness is a joint operating model. Openness has given Finnish research an international competitive edge."

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